Low Carb Basics for MDs

The website DietDoctor.com is developing a basic information resource for physicians. The home page for this is Low carb and keto for doctors. This is a new project for them, so not all their intended resources are up yet – check back for more content over the next weeks or months. (Nov/17).

Here are the links to a series of brief (3-4 minute) videos by British award-winning GP Dr. David Unwin.

Introduction     – transcript

Who are the best patients?   – transcript

Low carb in other situations transcript

Is there scientific evidence for low carb?   – transcript

Polite intros to discuss obesity   – transcript

Explaining low carb in a simple way   – transcript

Here is Dr. Unwin’s simple one-page food information sheet.

For more from Dr. Unwin, here is a longer video from June, 2016. His experiences, practical matters of implementation in the clinic, coaching tips and results.