Other Clinics

There are many physicians and other health care professionals across Canada who have knowledge and experience in using low carb nutrition.

In fact, there are many more than you might think or be aware of. In particular, the numbers of Medical Doctors interested in LCHF is growing quickly.

You can see by the list below that there are a number of clinicians available who will see new patients who are interested in considering and learning about low carb nutrition.

There are many more doctors and other health care practitioners who feel that LCHF is an important option in medical care, but who are not in a position to accept new patients and/or are not in a position to offer a program of teaching and support for the lifestyle changes that are involved.

acceptING New Patients and Referrals:



Montreal  – Dr. Elyssa Elman Glick  nutriaclinic.com

Contrecoeur (Rive Sud de Montreal)  – Dr. Evelyne Bourdua-Roy   cliniquereversa.com


Burlington  – Dr. Sasha High, internal medicine  –  Dr. High Metabolic Clinic   healthyhigh.ca

North York – Dr. Angie Hong, 416-901-7407

Ottawa – Dr. Bishop and Associates Weight Loss Clinic   drbishop.ca

Peteroborough – Dr. Wendy Thomas  doctorthomas.ca

Toronto  – Dr. Jennifer Rustad   Weight 2 Lose   weight2lose.ca

St. Catharines  – Dr. Monika Spurek, cardiologist   Food Matters Program


Calgary  – Dr. Meghana Saincher   lifestyle-choices.org

British Columbia

North Vancouver  – Dr. Jasmine Kler, internal medicine   doctorkler.com  (website under construction) referral required


Dietitians will generally offer office consultations, but often also offer consultations by phone and/or video when office visits aren’t practical.

London, Ontario  –   Kristie Millman, R.D.   preventivenutritionrd.com

Toronto, Ontario  –  Eliana  Witchell, R.D.  at Ellis Park Medical ellisparkmedical.com or eatdifferentrd.com

Vancouver  –  Joy Y. Kiddie, R.D.  The Low Carb High Fat Dietitian   lchf-rd.com



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