Research in B.C.

From 100 to Zero in Two Weeks Flat

LINK to an article on a research study going on now in B.C. (Nov. 15/17)

This study is lead by researcher Dr. Jonathan Little, assistant professor in UBC Okanagan’s School of Health and Exercise Sciences, and is a collaboration between UBC and Pharmasave. The involvement of Pharmacists is particularly important because it is anticipated that many or most of the participants will require some or substantial reduction in their medications during the study.

“The study is testing whether a low-carbohydrate therapeutic nutrition intervention can help patients with Type 2 diabetes get their blood sugar levels under control and reduce their medications.”

According to participant J.J.:

“My story has been incredible so far,” says J.J. “I’ve gone from 100 units of insulin to zero in two weeks and I’m slowly reducing many other medications for everything from high blood pressure to cholesterol.”

Says Dr. Little:

We are aiming to recruit 200 participants across 13 sites in BC within the next year. Engaging more people interested in reversing their Type 2 diabetes is our most immediate next step and will help us better understand this disease.